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If you have ever run with the Hash House Harriers in Indonesia and wish to re-live the experience in the UK then read on. If you've never Hashed in Indonesia then don't bother browsing this webshite!

Updated 1st Feb 2022. Run Report for Tom Brown’s Schooldays Hare and Hounds Run added to Past Run Notes. Details of the August Run in Winchester added.

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Note that the Mismanagement changes on each run, depending on who turns up!


Tel: +44 (0)1223 564201
jetstream @ 


What is the Indonostalgia Hash?

It is unique in Britain in that it follows the traditional Far Eastern Hash format, not for the Monday Run, but for the away week-end! Runs are designed to take ALL Hashers one hour and are followed by a traditional circle that lasts at least twice as long as the run.


When does it Run?

There are two meetings a year, late spring and early autumn, one of which is usually outside of England. The usual format is Friday night meet up at a pub, Saturday picnic snack followed by run around 2pm. A major circle in which all are encouraged to take part lasts until the beer runs low, usually about 6pm. Evening meal affords the Hare the opportunity to demonstrate how much he/she has forgotten about how to cook Indonesian food.  Sunday sees a hangover run with a slightly more restrained circle.

Who is eligible to join the Indonostalgia Hash?

If you have Hashed in Indonesia, you are eligible and this is home from home, helping returning Hashers to overcome the culture shock of returning to a country and finding Hashes that do marathons followed by three down-downs. Committee members must have held similar position on an Indonesian Hash.

How long are the Runs?

Runs are supposed to be laid to keep the pack together, while affording the Front Runners the opportunity to stretch their legs. Kids and bar room heroes can get lost while attempting to short cut. In Shere, the pack complained bitterly when the run took nearly two hours. Three weeks later, the same hares laid almost the same run for Surrey Hash, who complained bitterly that the run took them only 50 minutes!!

What format does the circle take?

We run a mixture of procedures from different Indonesian Hashes - fast individual down-downs and charges as in Medan, Merapi and Batavia; singing from Jakarta, mass drinking a la Bandung and Surabaya, sketches and performances as in away days and Jakarta hey-days.. Down-downs are in traditional Indonesian Pewter mugs or Bintang glasses if we can get hold of them. Due to lack of sponsoring brewery and abiding homage to the Holy Amber Nectar, spillage and wastage is frowned upon. When available, Bintang and Anker are reserved for quiet contemplative appreciation rather than down-downs! You are welcome to contribute your own special memories!!

How many people come to the runs?

There are over 120 people on the mailing list, copies of which are available at the run site, and usually 30-40 turn up.

Is there bad language on the Hash?

Does Bear shit in the woods? Is the Pope a Catholic?

Do you have to have a Hashname?

If your Mother Hash used them, you continue to use them. If not, you may request one. Gut Bucket made this mistake. Bibs are not obligatory, but should be worn if possessed.

Is it a single sex Hash?

No. Hash Kids also welcome. They are liable to get down-downs and learn rude songs to delight their headmasters.

What are the Rules of Indonostalgia Hash?

  1. There are no rules.
  2. The RA is always right.
  3. The Grandmaster is always right.
  4. Hats off in the circle EXCEPT whoever has the circle (GM, RA, MM), no sitting, lurking, private parties, sex, self-abuse, verbal diarrhoea, sleeping, etc.
  5. Anything the RA happens to think of at the time.
  6. If you don’t know this one, you’re in deep shit!!

IndoNostalgia Mailing List

If you want to join please send an email to jetstream @  We have a googlegroup which we use to send updates on future events. After each run we produce a Newsletter and these are now uploaded to the “Past Runs” page of this site but can be emailed to you on request.

Most links have been removed as they didn’t work any more

However, Bandung Hash have a new website and welcome visitors. They have runs every Monday, Friday and Saturday.


You can also try for a complete list of all current hashes in Indonesia.


Now that Tampon has moved to Bali permanently he has started a new hash – IWAH3, check the website for details of their annual events.




This site is maintained by Jetstream, your humble Scribe. Any ideas on how to improve this site, or offers to take over as webmaster will be considered if accompanied a free beer!

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